How to Properly Execute Active-Active Cross Data Center Replication

April 8, 11am ET

Cross data center replication, also known as XDCR and CDCR, is now more than three decades old, but changes in data volume, variety, and velocity brought about by new technologies like 5G and IoT are beginning to wreak havoc on XDCR systems. Nowadays, doing “active-active” XDCR has become almost an RFP checkbox for any telco-supporting application. But while active-active architectures do help telcos manage this new influx of data and act on it in real time, actually pulling off active-active XDRC without a litany of headaches and costs is not easy. In this webinar, David Rolfe, VoltDB’s Senior Global Director, discusses why active-active XDCR is difficult, how to make it easier, and how VoltDB does active-active XDCR.


David Rolfe


David Rolfe brings 20+ years of experience managing data in the telecom industry. David helps telecom software vendors meet the scale and latency requirements imposed by 5G data utilizing VoltDB. He helps companies take the steps they need to deploy mass-scale, ultra-low latency transactional applications in cloud-native environments.