Non-Negotiable Qualities of Event-Driven Architecture

April 15, 11am ET

While event-driven architecture (EDA) has replaced — at least in name — message-oriented middleware (MOM), the term does little to illustrate its evolved benefits. Architecting data systems to capitalize on event data can bring enormous business advantage, but we see definite stages of maturity — and corresponding value — in the high-level patterns of event data usage:

  1. Event data is consumed into a big data technology and archived (data lake/enterprise data warehouse/traditional database)
  2. Event data is batched for machine learning
  3. Event data is absorbed into a system of records and aggregated separately for dashboards

In this webinar we will focus on a fourth scenario, one that delivers even greater value: event data driving corresponding actions. We will explore what is required to get from an event to a response and the non-negotiable qualities of a data platform that facilitates this journey.


Dheeraj Remella


As the Chief Product Officer at VoltDB, Dheeraj Remella is responsible for enabling customers to advance their data-driven decision making capabilities. With over 20 years of experience in creating Enterprise solutions, Dheeraj is a strong believer in cross pollination of ideas and innovation between industries and technologies.