It's your turn to go big time. And we want to help bring your app to life. Here's the deal:


  1. Register here to throw your hat into the ring.

  2. If you don't already have it, download the open source edition of VoltDB – play with it, bang on it and get inspired.

  3. Tap into your genius and come up with an incredible app.

  4. Build it out using the database that enables screaming-fast data ingestion, massive scalability, and "RIGHT NOW!" analytics. (HINT: That's VoltDB.)

  5. And when it's ready… submit it along with a brief description (100 words or less, please!) to Entries will be accepted through December 31, 2013.

  6. BONUS: Everyone who submits an app will receive a VoltDB tee just for participating. (We promise you'll be the envy of all your friends.) 


The big winner – the Vanguard who submits the most innovative, coolest, groundbreaking-est app for consideration – gets an unbelievable, unimaginably awesome prize.


  • FAME: Global promotion for you and your app - including marketing and PR support to show the world what's possible when you combine imagination, know-how and VoltDB

  • FORTUNE: $10,000 USD to finance whatever amazing things you come up with next

  • FACE TIME: One day of mentoring with the geniuses behind VoltDB. They'll check out your app, help you tweak it and give you advice on making it to the big time. 



Are you ready to rock? Register below. You're ready for the big time – and we're going to make sure it's ready for you.